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    Commissioned by Abec11 & Sk8Trip Distribution.
This is what happens when the Three M's take on the streets of West Van. Vancouver Canada that is. Mike Benda, Mike Fitter, and Mischa Chandler explode the big toeside drifts and lay down some heavy Classic thane lines in this super shredding skate session. But should they clean up the evidence before calling it a day? Crank up the volume, it's hell on wheels!
Mischa Chandler gettin' gnarly on his Rayne 'Killswitch' (topmount) & Abec11 Classic Thane wheels.
Mike Benda laying down some sweet thane lines on his Rayne 'Demonseed'

BIG THANK YOU to Mike Benda (and SARAH!) for housing us for the week!
Mike Fitter in his signature toe-side stance. He may be the youngest of the three, but you'd never guess by the way he skates. 
This guy was honestly the first person any of us had ever met whom showed a concern about the "thane lines" left by the wheels. The conversation lasted at least 30-40 minutes before he realized how unnecessary the debate was. We gave him a pair of wheels & he went back inside.

***All lines left by polyurethane wheels wash away within a day of two, and do less damage than cars do to the roads***