From the beginning of time, word was the only tool for humans to communicate, visualize and build civilizations by putting all of concepts and visuals into words, and let the imagination do the work! till now, words still the go to way to describe feelings and things, so we decided to still use it but in a creative way to unzip the visuals behind words and unleash its imagination to the next level, and that was the result!

Today we put together a selected pack from our contributions to the social media challenge #visualwordsdesign go and check it, put your works and have fun.

Pyramids By Ahmed Elminshawy
Developer By Ahmed Elminshawy
Shutdown By Ahmed Elminshawy
Airport By Mahmoud Mahdy
Double By Mahmoud Mahdy
Hashtag By Nasser El Diasty
Pen tool By Nasser El Diasty
Repeat By Mohammed Ismail
Divide By Mohammed Ismail
Fraction By Ahmed N. Fathallah
Corner By Assem Essam
Escape By Assem Essam
Golf By Abdallah Gad | Behance | Instagram
Swim By Abdallah Gad | Behance | Instagram
Cigarette By Abdallah Gad | Behance | Instagram

Thank you!