We were originally introduced to the Nutaku management through Lewdgamer as they had expressed interest in having new contents for the Japanese games hosted on their site. One thing led to another, soon we were discussing about doing up a mascot for Nutaku themselves. And here, is the results of that talk. 

CDS presents... Nutaku-tan.
Nutaku-tan is the sassy half-Japanese/half-European young adult who represents Nutaku. Sexy, seductive, self-confident... Nutaku-tan likes tech, PC gaming, boardgames, sex (of course), visual novels, tentacles (hurhur) and for some reason, shiba inus. 
Early unused designs for Nutaku-tan. The right sketch formed the basis for Nutaku-tan's final design
The character design was approved by both Nutaku and their Japanese parent company, DMM. DMM, for the unfamiliar, is the game company behind Japanese smash hits such as Kantai Collection and Touken Ranbu!

The animation is quite amazing here. Very impressed!
Hopefully, we'll get to do some of the Nutaku-tan artworks when she start making cameos in the Nutaku games such as Osawari Island or X-overd!
Account Management: KC Ng
Character Design: Low Zi Rong
Colors: Antonio Low