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CAMPUS   |   A creative agency
Campus is a creative agency made by 3 motivated media students to bring their design life to the next level. Together they create
a new community to learn more about design and development by working for real clients. Like we said, a community! Not 
only work together, but also living together as a family is were we stand for. The logo should radiate the solidarity between the 
colleagues that will provide their awesome work at college grounds. The building on the background has three towers, which 
visualize the three students that started the company. With the combination of solidarity, nice clients and their cases 
- we go for gold. It’s going to be a great expedition so: Let us shine!

Rick van Boxtel: Lead-marketeer, branding, concepting
Kevin Borghmans: Lead-developer, branding, concepting
Frank van Deursen: Lead-design, branding, concepting

GO FOR GOLD   |   Vision & mission
At Campus we believe every company, agency, association, school, bakery, sports club - no matter what you are - should go
for gold. You’re never done growing, and silver isn’t enough. Working together with Campus means we will do anything to get
your branding and online marketing at place number 1. Lets us help you crafting to gold! Working at Campus as our colleague
is also possible. It provides perfectionism to the highest point.
We think like students. We live like students. We design as professional craftsmen!

CLIENT:   Campus Creative Agency (personal)
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BEHANCE PRESENTATION:   Frank van Deursen​​​​​​​