Paul Smith Fragrance Design Competition

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  • Paul Smith Fragrance Design
  • A live brief set by Paul Smith to create a new luxury men's and women's fragrance for the mainline collection. The focus was on classic luxury materials with a twist of the English character. The project involved creating a story and concept behind the fragrance, the name, the scent, packaging and bottle design and additional marketing/ Promotional ideas.
    My design was selected by Sir Paul Smith himself as part of a competition and i was given the opportunity to meet him and gain feedback on my work. Find out more about my visit
  • My concept for the new Paul Smith fragrance was inspired by British craftsmenship, encapsulating the traditional and industrial Blacksmith and Whitesmith.

    Blacksmith- One that forges and shapes iron with an anvil and hammer. A blacksmith traditionally works with heavy metals such as wrought iron and steel to create heavy strong goods such as armour, weapons, horse shoes and tools.

    Whitesmith- A person who works with light- coloured metals such as tin and pewter. The term is also applied to metalworkers who do only finishing work- such as filing or polishing. A whitesmith traditionally works with precious, delicate metals to create beautifully decorated objects such as jewellery, cups, goblets, and cutlery.

    The name of the new fragrances derived from the contrasts of masculinity and femininity between both workers. Blacksmith for Men and Whitesmith for Women.

  • Final concept presentation boards sent down to Paul Smith for his viewing.
  • The fragrance designs each hold a series of marks that are engraved into the bottle lid. The marks are inspired by traditional silver hallmarking and are chosen/designed to represent Paul Smith. 
  • The packaging designs are inspired by the patterns found on medieval armour which may have been crafted by a Blacksmith or Whitesmith. The pattern designs incorporate traditional British heritage marks such as the tudor rose. I embossed the packaging by hand to give it more texture and to enhance the pattern details.
  • Through research i also found that Paul Smith has his own coat of arms. The outer packaging design incorporates this unique mark, to signify his individuality.
  • The idea behind the fragrances are to capture the experience of wearing armour.

    "Paul Smith Blacksmith for men gives the wearer an incredibly imposing presence evoking great strength and power to the individual. This high quality, luxurious fragrance symbolises high confidence, strength of character and gives the feeling of self assurance. Its values work to create a unique identity, which will stand out in a crowd. The intricate details, richly decorated works tells a story of strong values and tradition, reflecting the works of the industrial Blacksmith."
  • "Paul Smith Whitesmith for Women gives the wearer great presence, sophistication and determination. It conjures an aura of individuality and self assurance retaining its elegance and femininity. The fragrance stands for traditional values with a modern edge. It's highly decorative ornate design has great artistic merit, composing of richly decorated patterns influenced by the works of the traditional whitesmith." 
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