Product Designer — BitTorrent Surf
Surf is the first people-powered web browser; Fully distributed, with media, downloading, and search built in.
BitTorrent's mission is to build a better Internet. To build a web that works the way it should: person to person. To drive the development of the distributed web by building tools that make it easy to innovate, publish and discover content.
And it begins with a browser.
Design Strategy
A living document that helped to identify our product goals, onboard new team members, and express our plans to stakeholders.
Updated regularly, validated through product analytics and user testing — our product personas influenced design decisions throughout the project.
User Testing
Conducting regular user tests not only helped to (in)validate design decisions, it also allowed us to look at larger user patterns and validate our product personas.
UI Data Visualizations
Utilizing actual data coming from the core torrenting engine, we turned a weakness of the product (long torrent load times) into moments to inform and delight the user.
Onboarding Videos
Onboarding for Surf exists at the first torrent every user opens. The goal is to have the user learn by doing, a full set of instructional animations presented to the user as a torrent, playing in the torrent media player. Fully written, animated, and tested in house.
Product Screens
Torrent player view, Onboarding Torrent Screen
BitTorrent Surf