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Sketch work
This is a small collection of sketch work form the past few years.

I have included sketch work from the Rembrandt motor bike and the Lapus tv stand as well deleopment sketches for my major project Orbit.
Sketching ideas for Rembrandt recumbent motorbike project
Sketching Ideas for Lapus tv stand
Initial sketch idea for Orbit design. Airline meal packages would roll alone above passengers heads and be collected by passengers..

sketching out ideas for different ways of opening a food trolley.

Initial sketches of a trolley that would open out. The front section would slide out to reveal two areas of shelving for each side of the plane.

The trolley is set on tacks in the aisle. The openings at both ends allow food to be taken out from each side.

The pressure pad on the side is connected to the wheels, aiding in maneuverability.

Motors attached to the wheels propel the trolley along the track.

The trolley would need bumpers encase passengers bumped into it. It also means that cabin crew wont have to worry about hurting themselves on the any hard edges.

Using springs to push airline meals to an opening.