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BRAND | Logotypes & Marks

Logotypes, marks & symbols
This selected work represents logos and marks which I created for my clients. It is expressive means of communication, key element of branding identity system. The meaning expressed by color, shape, metaphors. The logo is only a sliver on the full scope which includes a mindful research, deep understanding into client's goals. It's how a brand is identified according to the values.
Field: Fashion - FEO (Saigon, Vietnam)   |   Field: Cosmetic - Mushie  (Saigon, Vietnam)
Field: Agriculture - Nông Nghiệp Sạch (Hanoi, Vietnam)   |   Field: Florist - Leafy Flowers (Hanoi, Vietnam)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Field: Tourism - Ticket.Capetown (Capetown, South Africa)   |   Field: Banking - 10 years VRB (Hanoi, Vietnam)
Field: Beauty - Evania (Hanoi, Vietnam)   |   Field: Hotel & Resort - Amazing Hotel (Sapa,Vietnam)
Field: Technology - 4SV (Saigon, Vietnam)   |   Field: Event & Media - Fatman (Hanoi,Vietnam)
Field: Apartment - Sky Garden (Hanoi, Vietnam)   |   Field: Marketing - Fort Dev (Cyberjaya, Malaysia)
Field: Hotel & Resort - The Park Vientiane (Vientiane, Lao)   |   Field: Book & Cafe - The Booksquare (Hanoi, Vietnam)
Field: Event & Entertainment - Amuse (Hanoi, Vietnam)   |   Field: FMCG - Lincup by Lintimate (Hanoi, Vietnam)

TYPE: Logo design
CLIENT: Company, start up, boutique store, studio...
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BRAND | Logotypes & Marks


BRAND | Logotypes & Marks