is a product (beside belongs to Blueway Corp where I'm doing graphic designs.  It was inspired from the system of We hope that may become a website where Vietnamese people who love to learn English can raise questions, share knowledge and have fun.

I was asked to design the logo and promotional website. Eezy team approved the logo only.
However, I enjoyed this project much. Hope you like it, too.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Special thanks to nga.phan who did many small icons for me. ^_^
Eezy logo.

My idea came from the bubble talk. A cute bubble talk can absolutely talk and raise his opinions. :D

Because many questions will be posted on a Q&A the website, I want to express each of those questions as a bubble talk.
Concept sketching ~ a fantasy world where many kind of bubble talks live together.
Some of characters with the text on their body. Used for promotional media campaigns.

Final website ~ the world of bubble talks

- rejected -
If I have a chance, I want to keep blowing up this concept for a nice project. I will. ^_^