Cooler with crab - By Javier Lourenço
Vici Crab Sticks Campaign was certainly the craziest project we’ve done for a while. The Russian production company SKBD.SH commissioned Javier Lourenço to direct a bizarre live action comedy campaign for the acclaimed Russian independent agency Voskhod. These 3 internet pre-roll ads were followed by an “Add crab” button that when the user clicks, magic “crabziness” happened.
Crab animation and all CGI/VFX and Composite were done in Buenos Aires by 4Humans and Superpost team.

Client: Vici Russia
Advertising Agency: Voskhod, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Creative Director: Andrey Gubaydullin
Copywriters: Maria Kozheynikova,  Alexandr Sinvuk, Anton Mamykin
Production Company: SKBD.SH
Director: Javier Lourenço
Director of Photography: Andrey Krauzov
Art Department: Nikita Sisoev, Anna Karavaeva
Executive producer: Vladimir Piskunov
Production Manager: Vlad Derebasko
1AD: Sasha Yakhontova
Assistant Producer: Nastya Olesik
General producers: Michael Romanov - Anastasia Korkia
Post-Production: 4HUMANS
Executive Producer: Patricio Verdi
Post-Production Coordination: Mariela Fábregas 
Set Design: Javier Lourenço - Agustin Guerrero
Crab 3D Modeling and Rigg: Gonzalo Canepa
3D Tracking and modeling: Gonzalo Canepa, Alan Jonathan Iriarte
Crab Animation: Fede Abib
Compositing: Antoine Quairiat, Octavio Nessi, Norbits Pizzini