Meant as an exercise on construction, the brief required us to work with a 20x20m grid of bakau poles spaced 1m apart. Site specified was near St. Johns Island, hence was largely ambiguous.

An additional brief had required for each student in my studio to provide spaces for rooms. The project hence turned into one of a resort on the water.

During initial stages, I studied and attempted to replicate the mangrove trees sighted within the vicinity on plan as well as spatially.

Eventually, the project consisted of 3 levels for fishing, common facilities and guest rooms. However in this project, my focus was solely on connections (of the piles, timber platforms and walls) and the use of main and secondary beams to hold all the bakau piles together so that the structure would be strong and mutually reinforce each other.

site context
initial study of the tree
illustration of spatial model
process model

interim model
arrangement of programmes within resort
Finalised plans
third storey plan with considerations of connections
primary structure
connections and assembly in axonometric
front elevation
nus architecture
year 2 semester 2 p03
sandy khoo
tutor: sven schichor