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    Branding and packaging for V-Cube 5, V-Cube 6 and V-Cube 7.

The challenge was to design a new packaging design that would give the product high perceived value while being unique.

The design process took almost 4 months. Countless quick and dirty prototypes were made, and due to product exporting all over the world , we had to make several adjustments to the design before the final approval for production to make sure that the product would arrive safe and in the best shape.

Project Overview
What V-Cube is and how it works?

The Objective

The packaging should give a high perceived value with material and budget limitations. Designing attractive, durable and reusable packaging that consumers would love to buy right and then.



The final design was a result of brainstorming and other idea generation methods. After countless sketches, the final cocncept was approved for further development.
Quick and dirty prototypes were made to evaluate if it could be manufactured with the available materials before proceeding to the next development phase. All the weaknesses of the packaging construction were revealed following the alpha prototype creation. We played around with many solutions before coming to the optimal one which was unusual but functional, fusing two completely different materials.
structurals (optimal solution research)
Final Artwork

- Inspiration -

We played around with the cubes, watched many videos with speed cubers from V-Cube events around the world. The key function of this product is ROTATION.

"The 21st Century Cube" lead us to a futuristic direction, we used the RINGS asthe key artwork element.
Color palettes and research  process

On the other side, we further researched the functionality and secondary packaging of the choosen packaging design.