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    Packaging design for V-Cube 2.
We had to create a packaging with high perceived value while being distinct and have max. production cost of
20 euro cents.

We had no product on hands, and we had to work with a paper prototype cube due to the tight deadline.
The beta prototype cube would be available to us at the prepress phase. The risk of failure was high, so everything had to be very carefully planned and executed.

The design process took almost 4 months. Countless quick and dirty prototypes were made.

Project Overview
What V-Cube is and how it works?

With a max. production cost of 20 euro cents(50.000 run) the packaging should give a high perceived value with material and budget limitations.

Designing attractive, durable and reusable packaging that consumers would love to buy right and then.


We benchmarked competition in order to be dinstinctive.

During the research phase, we collected all competitive cubes in the market for study. Competitors use mostly blister packaging or the classic hexagonal one.


The final design was a result of brainstorming and other idea generation methods. After countless sketches, the final cocncept was approved for further development.
Quick and dirty prototypes were made to evaluate if it can be manufactured with the available materials before proceeding to the next development phase. All the weaknesses of the packaging construction were revealed following the alpha prototype creation. We played around with many solutions before coming to the optimal one which was unusual but functional fusing two completely different materials.

Artwork Inspiration 

The key function of this product is ROTATION, so we extend this function and found the creative element that characterize V-Cube products. And that was the RINGS.

secondary packaging                                   "triangle logic"                         on the shelf (tiling feature)
Implementing and fine-tuning the design.