3D MAtte Painting
Serving new exhibit of The Luminarium: GAIA
Is it man against the wild or nature against man? Maybe not, maybe urbanism should just exist in adequacy with nature and respect one another!
Vue 10, 3DSmax and Photoshop CS3
Spaceship X-Wing Republic fighter inspired by famous concept artist Warren Fu. Entirely modelled and rendered by myself in 3DSmax and postworked in photoshop.
City designed half in Vue, and the rest in 3DSmax with Greeble plug-in and some from scratch.
Hope you'll like it!!
My last artwork before vacation, I tried a matte painting in a rather more traditional way in terms of scene but still sci-fi oriented.
First render made with Vue, city is a mix of painting and 3D.
All stocks are mine for textures. Lots of painting as well.
Hope you guys like it!!
I wish you all very awesome vacation if you have one and thanks for your comments, favs, watch and support!!