Mixed Science Fiction
Science Fiction 2011-2012
A mixed collection of my most recent works based in a science fiction setting.
End of the Cycle
Inspiration: Mass Effect 3
 Published with Slashthree: World Exhibition III/ 07- 02 - 12

This image is based on a photo I took in daylight from the top of the Empire State Building, looking down at Manhattan Downtown. I then proceeded to enhance the city in making it more futuristic with higher sky scrapers. Most of the additional elements are created from scratch in Photoshop with the exception of the huge harvester in the background, which is courtesy of Daniel Maland and greatly modified by me. The original plate can be found below.
Deus Ex Machina
Personal artwork, November 2011
My main goal here was to create something with an exciting perspective, which I believe is what many of my images lack of. The interior was basically made from scratch with help of a few textures. The space ship again is courtesy of Daniel Maland and overpainted for the most part. Another complete space scene was created solely to serve as a background for this interior, which can be found below along with a link to a full step-by-step-workshop for the creation of this image and a couple of wips.
 Some early Wips:
The background scene:
Solar Roofs
Personal work, April 2012
To create this work I combined many of my shots taken from the plane to Miami, so you can probably recognize some actual areas of Florida in this image. Two of the original photos are attached below. 

The solar roofs are contructed to face the sun of their system at least 22 hours a day to maximize energy extraction. For scientists the platforms have also proven to be a valuable environment for new exotic lifeforms in flora and fauna because of the extreme tropical climate conditions. Over the years the roofs have also attracted millions of tourists, creating new metropolises much as New York City and Las Vegas in the 21st century.

As you can see I tried to combine a rather unoriginal terraspace artgenre with a more meaningful concept. Decide for yourself if it worked. :-)
two of the original photos:
We are of peace. Always.
Inspiration: V2009
Published with Slashthree: Quote Unquote
The motivation here was to create an image about a famous quote, where I chose the main quote from the 2009 TV-show "V". The show was about the secret infiltration of the human race by aliens who were appearing to befriend them. My concept in this matte painting shows trees in some areas far from civilization which were secretly corrupted in order to harvest the best dna of all organic life forms.
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