Golf Burnaby Website
Golf Burnaby Website

Golf Burnaby is a subsidiary brand of the City of Burnaby Organization that runs golf facilities and services within the city. The Web and Online Services team at the City of Burnaby was approached by Golf Burnaby to redesign their website such that the user experience matched the quality of their facilities and services.

Business and User Problem
The business problems that Golf Burnaby was experiencing was directly correlated to the user experience issues of their online ecosystem. 

We identified that the primary issue was the Golf Burnaby's web presence existed in 3 completely separate websites.

(1) which served as the main company's website and included information regarding the facilities, lessons and restaurants

(2) which provided comprehensive detail on lessons with Golf Burnaby including teacher information, lesson programs, rates, golf tips, etc

(3) which is the online booking system that Golf Burnaby uses to allow golfers the ability to book their tee-times online

Snapshot of the previous 3 separate domains

Running and concurrently was confusing to users as it bifurcated the brand, web presence and information architecture. Furthermore, access to the online booking system was not obvious and the system itself, difficult to use. As a result, Golf Burnaby was receiving more calls than resources could handle to book tee-times over the phone. 

Additionally, analytics saw that a large proportion of traffic on the Golf Burnaby websites was on mobile or tablet devices and the previous websites were not responsive.

The Solution and were merged into a single website with clear access and visibility to the  online booking system. 

The new merged website provided users with the following functionality:

• Responsive design to match the manner in which the majority of visitors were accessing the website
• Comprehensive, relevant and informative content
• Improved information architecture plus search functionality to allow users to find what they are looking for easily
• Clear access to the online booking system plus training modules to assist users in how to use the system (until the system can be replaced) 
• Improved visual design that maintains focus on the content as well as allows the user a better experiential idea of the quality of the facilities

As comprehensive process was utilized to complete this project. The following shows the various stages and elements that were part of the process for this project and some snapshots of assets from these stages.

Personas Development
Sketches and Wireframes

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Golf Burnaby Website

Golf Burnaby Website

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