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    Advertising & Viral Email pitch concepts for Manchester-based client
Advertising Pitch + Virals
Sometimes - though it doesn't happen often! - even we are unable to convince a client that their long-term creative interests might be best-served in the bosom of JWDC...

A case in point is
Quooker a company with Dutch origins who (at the time this work was produced), supplied and installed the only hot water tap system in the UK which delivered boiling water at a temperature not less than 100 degrees centigrade.

Convinced we could promote their range of products in a way which conveyed this USP in a far more considered and memorable way than what had gone before, we developed a range of full-page advertising concepts (utilising the client's library photographs) which focused on exploring all 
Quooker was about.

The same style and approach was also pitched in a Viral Email teaser (see last visual)...