My 3D Self Promotion.
Here is my self promotion package that I created to send out to industry. As you can see it's 3D based and consists of 3D glasses, Logo Stickers, 3D Typographic Posters, 2 Small booklets one of which 3D based with words that describe my personality and one of which is a mini portfolio of my work. The package also contains my old CV and business cards. The package was very fun to create and I really enjoyed experimenting with the typography making it 3D.

The concept behind my package was by taking me on as a placement you would see graphic design from a new perspective, that perspective being my own. The aim of the package was irony as the user would also be seeing design from a new perspective when wearing the 3d glasses, that perspective being 3D.
Shaking the box caused the box to open and the bottom to pop out as you can see above.
The user would then see a set of instructions to follow.
At this point the user has the opportunity to put on their 3D glasses. They can then begin to browse through the box and follow further instructions. The user then faces several 3D typographic posters where they can test out the ability of their 3D glasses.
Small booklet describing myself in a nut shell.
The user is presented with further instructions before browsing through the booklet.
Mini portfolio showcasing some of my work.
The user is again shown further instructions upon opening the mini portfolio.
CV shows the user my abilities and experience.
Finally the user is presented with my business card and the slogan that puts the concept of the package into 'perspective'.