Hi... I'm a Freelancer...
Hi... I'm a freelancer
These are the illustrations i made for my presentation for PechaKucha Eskişehir (link) about some misconceptions people have about freelancers. But in fact it all started when I went to Dubai for some contract work... My director there asked how i got the contract as a "freelancer" and why the company did not send one of their in-house designers, and i did not have an answer for that, so i just told her that freelancer designers wait on a street corner in my country and the boss was passing and he signaled me :)
"Work B.tch!" - Britney Spears
Freelance Designer vs. In-house Designer
Even my teammates there thought that I couldnt find/get an in-house job in a decent company... I have been a career freelancer for 6 years and im so glad i quit my in-house job. Although, contracting for an in-house position for some time is a lot of fun and very educative.
"Next Job" Stress
I meet a lot of freelancers who have the "next job" stress, so i guess its quite normal that other people think its sleepless nights all the time... Organise your time, people! this is the one trick you have to learn...
Job Search
Traditionally freelance work comes through networking, i understand that this is not reliable and very intimidating for someone who is thinking about going freelance but its the 21st century, you just have to learn where to look, and if you can't, just ask me, i'll tell you...
The Freelancer Life
If you are thinking its gonna be like this, you are wrong and if you are doing it like this as a freelancer, then you are doing it wrong... To me, it's all about respect you show towards your work.
I know that there are some very few dribbbbbbbble all-star players in the scene who can design, code and have 2 kids and black belt in karate while taking cooking classes but lets accept it, you are not that guy, i am not that guy, so find your niche, specialise, in stead of trying to be everything or do everything, and please please please try to avoid infatuation.
I made this graphic up so take it as you will...
"...so explanatory!" - a friend of mine you wouldn't know...
Although in this one, there is some truth
The beginning is kinda hard but later it gets alright, i promise...
Making It Rain
You will never be like me, you better accept it now...  :(
Freelancing is Lonely
Some of us like to work in an office environment, with the same people, get married with someone from the office and retire together, right, but freelancing as well, is not all that bad, you get to work with many different kinds of people from all over the world and sometimes you even get to contract abroad (if you are me...) Not so bad, no?
Other Freelancers are Your Friends
I mean nobody is trying to destroy you. Yes, there is competition but its quite fair competition and there is no gossip, mobbing and stuff like that...
Speaking about "Fair Competition"
There are some countries in the world when you make 3 dollars a day, you are in the 1 percent (of that country) so keep that in mind.
Priorities 101
Quite clear, loving your project does not pay the bills and time is the one thing you will have less and less... I will put it in text here for graphically-challenged people : TIME IS YOUR NUMBER ONE RESOURCE!
Time is Also Your Worst Nightmare.
HAVE YOU EVER HEARD SOMETHING CALLED A "DEADLINE" ?!?!?! Also I left this one unfinished as a meta-joke but no one seems to get it so read the next title and maybe you will:
You don't have to hit bullseye every single time.
But if you are gonna fail, at least fail in style. No one can do %100 every single time. But there are ways to save the day, for example, if you can't make your deadline, at least over-deliver...
Be Ready!
And lastly, be ready for that time when you won't be able to find a job, or the zombie apocalypse, or the spanish inquisition, or the coup attempts (like in my country), or the alien invasion...
Hi... I'm a Freelancer...

Hi... I'm a Freelancer...

These are the illustrations i made for my presentation at PechaKucha Eskişehir. I tried to go out of my comfort zone...

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