A set of print-based projects
The following are a set of different free lance/college projects. 
A different style for Beyond a Buckle's awareness campaign, taking it literally too, targeting the Lebanese-full-of-stress-people.
During a Typography course, we had to pick a Lebanese proverb and write it in a Kufic style. I picked "تي تي متل ما رحتي متل ما جيتي" and worked on finding a smart way to write it in geometric/square kufi. After several trials I ended up writing it in a way where you read the first part of the proverb, then you have to turn the paper upside down to read the second part, leading you to the same place you started reading from! (Yeah, it's a bit complicated when its written down!)
Thus the way the proverb is written perfectly represents the meaning of the proverb.