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νόστιμος  (nòstimos)
1:  delicious,  tasty  -  2: pleasant, attractive
Nostimus is a Barcelona based online greek shop, where to discover and buy gourmet, cosmetics and gifts made in Greece, as if you lived in Greece. Nostimus’ mission is to offer a top class shopping experience for the artisan, gourmet, health and wellness consumer, with products of Greece in their best light.
The logo redesign takes inspiration from the mythical trident of the god Poseidon, and from the characteristic wrought-iron work used to decorate balconies and fences all around Greece. With the same style are designed the two characters, the gods Dionysos and Apollon, to symbolise the two main categories of products on the e-shop, gourmet foods and cosmetics. The two character illustrations were used as development of the visual identity, silkscreen.printed on gift boxes and various merchandise.