Rosenfeld: Freelancing on the Front lines, NFB
ROSENFELD: Freelancing on the Front lines, NFB, opening credits
motion design - animation - creative direction - direction
Opening credits and visual imagery for Freelancing on the Front lines, a documentary of Santiago Bertolino produced by National Film Board of Canada. This film is about the recent transformations in Middle East view by a young Canadian journalism freelancer: Jessy Rosenfeld. This film dive in middle of many political conflicts and human turmoil: Arab spring, Egypt election, Gaza war, Turkish instability, Syrian war, Syrian refugees migration, Kurdistan Peshmerga resistance, ISIS war and terror... This coureagous documentary show the difficulties and the tough life of a freelance correspondant at the front lines: security, pitches, ethic, cash flow, neutrality, digital and mas media competition... This project was develop with the French studio of National Film Board of Canada in closed collaboration with the in-house Creative department: motion design facilities and vfx professional and Santiago Bertolino, the director of the documentary.

The documentary is presented in Premiere at RIDM for the closing program of the International documentary film festival.
Team of opening credits: 

Producer: National Film Board of Canada
Executive Producer: Colette Loumède
Producers: Nathalie Cloutier, Denis McCready
Documentary Director: Santiago Bertolino
Creative Director: Christian Langlois
Opening Credits Director: Christian Langlois
Producer: Mélanie Lasnier
Motion designer and computer artist: Melanie Bouchard
Music: Esmerine
Sound Mix: Olivier Calvert
Images: Santiago Bertolino

Thanks to
Jesse Rosenfeld
Daily Beast
Memoire liquide
Animation dpt of NFB
Luc Bourdon
Michel Giroux

Rosenfeld: Freelancing on the Front lines, NFB

Rosenfeld: Freelancing on the Front lines, NFB

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