Work Experience 2011

At the beginning of 2011, as part of my degree course, we were required to find three weeks of work experience. I went to work for the printing company Foundry Press. I was able to see the printing process from start to finish, as well as doing a few design jobs.

When a job is job is received it is test printed on a large format printer and checked for errors. If required the client is contacted to make changes. Then depending on the job it is forwarded to the digital press or moved onto the next stage of production for the litho press.
The litho press requires plates to be made for each of the CMYK colours and an additional plate if a special colour is needed. If it is being printed both sides an extra set of plates are made.
The litho press can print double sided, 10 colours (5 each side) CMYK, plus one special colour. After the printing the paper can be cut down, bound, glued and collated, before being dispatched to the client.
While I was working at Foundry Press, I was able to do a few design jobs and see what it was like to work with a client and meet their deadlines.

I was asked to design a folding business card for Leighton HearingCare and ENT Partnership. It had show the contact details for both companies and information on the services they supplied. I also had to work within the brand guidelines, using their colours and typefaces. The client originally wanted the addresses for all the branches on the card, but I was able to shorten it to just the town names.
The biggest job I did was a set of top trump style cards for a charity event which were based on cars belonging to members of a track racing club. I was supplied with the information and the photos (photos by Gemm Ferrane) and was asked to come with some designs. This project was the best indication on how it is to work for a client, I came up with design ideas and they picked their favourite. Then there was a lot of back and forwards messages about design changes, as I had make sure all the information and sponsor logos fitted onto the card. There are 37 different cards in total.