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    Client: Spandet And Partners Date: 2010 Assignment: Identity, website
Spandet And Partners

Client: Spandet And Partners
Date: 2010
Assignment: Identity, Web
Spandet And Partners is a specialized management consultancy, working with administration, organization and branding within the fashion and design industry. The company works both on an organizational and operational level and has experience with some of Northern Europe's largest fashion and lifestyle brands.

Spandet And Partners is not a typical consultancy. Inspired by military-style organization and approach, the team operates as a unit of experienced professionals – either individually, together or in close liaison with allied specialists. Like a task force, they move in to solve problems.

The visual identity is based on integrating the visual styles of two typically contrasting worlds – the practical business world which Spandet And Partners represents, and the more creative and expressive fashion world in which they operate. Inspired by the military-reference, the logo is based on the idea of practicality and simplicity. The typographic solution makes efficient use of the individual letterforms, and ties the words together in a condensed and minimalist production of the company name. This simple and rigorous expression is combined with a more expressive color palette, as a reference to the fashion and design industry’s creative, visual culture.
In accordance with company’s core values, the site is developed as a simple, accurate and efficient communication tool, aimed at providing easy access to information about activities, services and expertise of Spandet And Partners.

Visually, the website is designed to be simple, user freindly and with a clear presence of the company's graphic profile. In the implementation of the visual identity, the possibilities of the digital medium is fully exploited with font-embedding and varying background color, referencing the style of the printed media.