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    Client: Danish Fashion Institute Date: 2010 Assignment: Identity, website
Fashion Forum

Client: Danish Fashion Institute
Date: 2010
Assignment: Identity, Website
Fashion Forum is a new online networking platform and community for the Danish fashion industry, launched by the Danish Fashion Institute. The site features articles, news, pictures, blog posts, job postings and profiles relevant to the industry. Re-public has created the digital platform and visual identity for the community.
The online platform is a complex, versatile yet elegant website, designed with a centralized structure and variety of different inputs.

The subtle salmon-pink background color references the paper color of both Danish and international business dailies, and is chosen to underline the business-related aspects of the site. The condensed lettering of the logotype and the general use of typography througout the site, contribute to an elegant and classical look, inspiered by the visual culture of the fashion world.

With its unique idiom and attractive content, Fashion Forum has gained a large and established user base in record time, keeping itself updated on what is happening in the fashion industry.

The website is implemented in Drupal CMS and utilizes many of the plug-ins that are available for this platform, including extensive use of Facebook integration.