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    Public toilet
Public Toilet
National competition for public toilet design
II place winner
The design is based on one wall of the carrier (brick), and a framework of steel coated with a layer of chromium to which are attached glass panels and doors. Thermal insulation and heat will be provided by the aforementioned glass panes between which is suspended from a thick fabric curtain that separates the outer zone (public) from the internal (private). The floor is a wooden platform height of 3 cm, made of boards covered with a layer of epoxy few millimeters at eliminating the requirement for preservation of wood. Exterior wall finish - white plaster finish, inside and outside - padding quilted, waterproof fabric with a strong structure, color - purple. Finish of this wall is a decorative, as well as in a modern way reflects the splendor and richness of details  surrounding the toilet buildings. (This is also an interesting backdrop for the toilets :)) It will be equipped with the installation: water and sewage. (Cold and hot water), electrical (lighting, heating, ventilation.

We anticipate that the use of rainwater after passing through the filter mechanism is used to flush the toilet bowl. The toilet is also a mechanism that automatically hides and reveals a room with curtains, which are attached to the rails at the top of the frame between two panes of glass.
Lighting:-Two side-lighting sconces- In the form of lights, LED strip- A glass roof that during daytime energy losses to offset illumination of the object.

Value of Information: Information concerning the purpose is attached to the side of the supporting wall as three simple signs.On the other side of the wall construction suggest placing a multimedia screen (touch screen), which will contain the overall value of the information culture of the city Lodz.Additional information value placed on the façade in the form printed on the glass pane of the city of Lodz contours of selected major streets, and culturally important places for the city.

Use: While no one uses the toilet, it is evident inside, making visible the interior. He does an impression of a public place accessible to all. We enable the effect of combining the function (public toilet) with a form of exhibition. Young designers of industrial forms could be placed in it his work to attract attention, and yet would be intended to be used for customer toilets.When a person wants to use the toilet, put a charge in the machine which is located just off the entrance. When the curtain payment will automatically be zasuwać, separating the interior from the outer zone. To leave the toilet, hit the button located on the machine After that automatically turns spreading apart the curtains, allowing enters the door.

Background: Bright colors refer to the curtain facades of houses located in the passage Rubinstein. The ubiquitous fabric that we use in the project, is a reference to the textile industry is deeply rooted in the history of the city (textile factory). The draft also refers to the well-known in the world festival "Fashion Week" held in Lodz, famous for its elegance and craftsmanship of designers, the object resembles an elegant dressing. Maximum building forms transparent object gives the feeling of a smaller scale facility.
Board project - one board 100x70 cm
Opened Curtains
Closed Curtains
Visualization at night