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    an Album Visual Design - AQUACOLOUR
The AQUACOLOUR project is a collaboration with artists and musicians that represent the color of water. The title means the colors of AQUA(water). I thought of how to show the properties of water by doing experiments and exploring the possibilities of the color of water. 

For the first direction, I created an alphabet without ink but with water. I filmed the ripples from a fountain under the sunlight in a square in Karlsruhe, Germany and I created the shapes of the 26 letters using the ripples. I typeset the white letters of the title on a black background as the cover of the album. I also designed a larger, square, accordion-like booklet with black contour lines of the same ripples on the white background. 

For the second direction, I did a lot of experiments, like boiling the water or taking photos of raindrops. Finally, I chose to change my perspective from macroscopic to microscopic scale. I used macro photography to shoot water drops on different backgrounds in different kinds of textures, like cotton clothes, human’s skin, non-woven fabrics, and plants, which amplify colors and delicate textures. 

The visual design of the album has two parts. You can combine two parts as you like and create your own cover combination.