This is a travel kit for young people who prefer to have fun while they travel, and are more interested in discovering plans related to leisure, above cultural and historical plans. It is designed lightweight, with the aim to transport it easily. The kit tries to connect emotionally with these kind of people, by a cheerful look, with a saturated color palette.

The kit consists of: a travel guide, a map, a book, a note book, a tote bag and a packaging to keep all the publications.

The travel guide has been divided into 4 sections (“party”, “music”, “nature”, “market”). They are the possible leisure plans that the person can do while is doing sightseeing abroad. Each one of them has been identified with a colour that describes it, and has a similar layout. The most characteristic part are the titles of each section, formed by an image that illustrates the plan,a stamp, a headline and the body of text.
The folding triptych with the map of Bath (A3) and the notebook in A6 are shown below.

The covers of the guide, map and notebook have a similar aesthetic to be associated visually as part of the same kit. They are formed by a photograph of the city in black and white, over a green background. That is the main colour that stands out in the parks and hills of Bath.

Two typefaces for travel kit were used: Caecilia, for the body text, and Canter, for headlines. The second one, was chosen for having a vintage character, like this city had. Both of them contrast visually.
Round stamps have been created with the aim of identifying each leisure plan from the guide, and at the same time for being related to travelling. Each section from the guide has a colour palette and a stamp. These same identifications were used for the badges of the kit.

Colours are saturated in order to show a city with a lot of life and a good atmosphere. Each section of the guide has been identified with a colour that describes it.