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    New brand, collateral and website for drug rehabilitation centre in Darwin.
Banyan House is a rehabilitation centre based in Darwin. I was tasked with re branding the company and designing all their collateral and a new website. 
I wanted to retain some of their 'Banyan Tree' herritage, but which will still look to the future. So the final logo has a subtle nod to the shape of a banyan tree canopy. Yet the shape is created with a series of continuous paths that represent the journey Banyan residents take in unison to recovery. The type is very friendly, and welcoming with no capitals making it very humble and approachable.
Colour was a crucial part of the brand. The logo's primary brand colour is a very warm orange. I also chose a selection of secondary colours that would compliment it. These would also be used on various feature walls to brighten the centre itself. These reflected the plants that decorated the gardens. All of which are designed to make potential residents feel safe and positive.
We commisioned a photographer to spend a day at the centre and take photos of life at Banyan. We were very lucky to have such a great bunch of residents to work with, who all were happy to be involved in the photoshoot. We decided to create Banyan Resident ambassadors who would be pulled out of the photos by masking them in colour.