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    History of Flavour Face Masks 2008-2012.
Flavour ltd. Face Masks
History of Flavour Face Masks 2008-2012
I can truly say that this is one of those projects I'm really proud. It's all started in 2008 when I decided to make a face mask (bandana) with skull print to look awesome while I'm snowboarding. Then I started to thinking how to realize this idea into reality. At that time I had a friend who worked at silk-screen printing industry, I drew a design and he made me fist samples. I pasted a couple of rhinestones...and mask was ready. I called my friends and we shot first photo-set. 

Winter 2008-2009
Next year, I had already desided to create my own brand, whitch was directly manufacturing face masks. First task was to extend the model range and to improve technologically product. Previous model was rather simple: it was a piece of cotton cloth folded in half with silk-screen print on one side. The main problem was that in the harsh Russian winters, when you breathe through mask, vapor from your mouth turned in to water and fabric was frozen. So it was desided to use synthetic polyester fabrics as outer layer and soft Fleece to keep warm as inner layer. The other problem was that mask often dropped off while you snowboarding, so it was desided to use Velcro for super strong fixation and easy size adjustment. New mask shape was a bit triangular.
As for print design I added new models: folk russian dolls "Matreshka", different types of skulls, and russian folk patterns as Hohloma and Gjel.

Winter 2009-2010
Next year, I added a lot of patterns at model rage. This was done in oder to attract new customers, because not everyone likes Skulls print and most of companies that produce snowboarding clothing use simple patterns. So I made classic bandana print with paisley swirls, some argyle patterns, tartan patterns, knitted skull print called "GrandMa's Skull", colorful mosaic print and animal print. 
Also in this season was made mittens, new balaclava mask model, puffed vests.

Winter 2011-2012
At the end when I started to work on this project I have not thought what it'll bring a lot of profit or become my own business. Of course the idea of this project is not so fresh, but when I started it I have not seen similar projects such as Buff or Airhole. So I don't really like when my project compared with others.