Nunna Artbook
Vol. 1 Langkah Pertama
A Story about the young girl named, Nunna, who wants realized to her family especially for her mother-father that the opinion and thought "she can survive in out there far away from home with her own color." And by going from the house just want to know how strong & tough she is. Learned from the meaning of life also  struggling to survive and joy when she drop in journey to nowhere.  Met new friends,  another face,  personalities and different stories.
Then whether go away from home, is it the best choice she took?. When the place where she lived not given space though it  just sat for a while. Now, she must figure out there for the truth.


Writter          : Kara Cinta Pertiwi Edellwis
Illustrator     : Isa Panic Monsta
Typography : Abdul Halim
copyright by