JULY  2016
海或瘋市集  |  Ocean Home

The Ocean Home was being build from January of 2009 and open in operation by June 6 the same year. Founded by four artists: 阿鐘.Kulo.吳娟.Emma as their joint studio. The hostel provides three rooms for lodging and comfortable enviroment for artists to make their works.
The ocean Home Hostel is truely a space with free spirit, every chairs in the room is made to be a piece of art; while returing to the pure spirits and natural connection between people. The power of the Pacific Ocean will absorb all the worries and prompt the thinking toward the spiritual salvation. It’s a place that aspire people to indulge the living with limitless possibilities.
The founder of the Wild Market, Kulo and 阿鐘, started leather artists, and established the first Wild Market event in 2001. It provides a platform for the artist to creat and collaborate. Not to mention with many great music concerts, every year the event is filled of happiness and human connection! Throughout those seven days, everyone uses their life and true emotion to creat their works together. This year the market will also feature exciting and collective way for all the art stands and affiliates a peaceful and creative community experience
Graphic Design - Yue Syuan Wu
Photography - Yue Syuan Wu
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