System Design
Maria's Salon + Confusions  + Discussions + Adobe Illustrator  + Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Acrobat Pro
Another major classroom project of 8th semester. With various questions like what is a system? what is system design? how to start? what is a touchpoint? how to design experiences and such like, I chose Maria's Salon in Wanovrie, Pune as my subject. After various visits to the salon, I had the system mapped and a few design opportunities like better client experience, digitizing the system and record keeping and more marketing. Then comes the design proposal to work with the experience of the clients while getting the service, right from when they enter the salon till they exit.This can be done by altering the interiors,the furniture and the way the cleints andthe owner interact with the system. Rest is conceptualization not only in terms of graphics but interiors and product design terms too.
 Research 1
The salon is named after Maria Kapper who is the owner. Her daughter owns and manages the Wanovrie branch and the daughter in law the Viman Nagar branch. 

Before 2001, Maria Kapper was in partnership with Head nToes. Maria Kapper has been in the beauty business for 27years. She did her training from Mumbai and later worked inthe United States for the highness.
Maria’s started in Koregaon in a 2 bedroom flat in 2001. The wonovire branch started in 2006 in The Sacred Heart. The Viman Nagar branch has just started 2 months back. Of these, the biggest branch is the one in Koregaon which ishandles by Maria herself.
The layout of the salon to track movement and activity.
The red circles show the touchpoints which are actually the points of contact of the client and the system. For Example: the red circle on the red couch is the touchpoint where the client waits before getting their services done.
The system map showing all the stakeholders and their details.
As the name suggests, this is the perfect thing to do while waiting. Go ahead and see how.
Maria’s Salon is Club Salon Member with Loreal. TheLoreal centre in Pune is in F.C Road and the distributers areSamrudhhi Enterprises in Nagar Road and Sind Traders.Maria’s Consider their only competition as Gazelle in Pune.Earlier, Maria’s started with using the low range of Loreal called Osmos. Maria started this business herself with aninvestment of 4-5 lakhs and is now among the high endsalons in Pune. I have hence used the top models of Loreal in my visual language for the concept.
Maria's Salon with Loreal Paris brings to life an exciting new interactive experience. It's called the Wait Guide. Visit a highly personalized ans intutive service " Can I help you ? " for professional beauty advice from celebrity experts who will guide you in your beauty problems. Find out more about the women who are worthed and learn about their passions. Be the new face of Maria's, share your experiences and be informed about the latest with Maria's Salon and Loreal Paris.
Maria's Salon is a salon only for females, and hence you will often find husbands, sons and brothers waiting outside doing nothing. And hence, I used this as an opportunity and convinced Maria Kapper to serve the men for a day. What better day than Father's Day. And hence this marketing via the Wait Guide.
As we have Loreal Paris as the beauty partner, why not use their philosophies and make competitions out of them. Womenofworth is an actual competition run by Loreal every year where they celebrate the success of women who are worthed.
One submits the story of the woman she thinks is important to her, who is worthed and Maria's will select one story which gets gift hampers from Loreal.
You can also read other stories, vote for them and be inspired.
Like every brand has a face, I thought why not have a face of Maria's Salon as well which will obviously showcase the quality of their services and also gain popularity. Hence, this concept which requires for example; a minimum bill of 5000 rs. in Maria's withing a month. The candidates have to submit their photographs and Maria's will select one who gets captured on camera by the leading Loreal Photographers.
Be informed as it suggests is a kind of a newsletter of Maria's Salon which also gives latest information about Loreal as a brand and it's products.
For example: The annual report of Loreal Paris, About the upcoming branch of Maria's Salon, the new venture of Maria's into body care and Loreal in coming years in Maria's Salon.
A highly personalized service which will directly get you in touch with the beauty experts of Loreal. This concept is actually inspired from an actual service run by Loreal and hence the similarities in the layout, which means it's an extension from the website. 
One can get answers to questions related to the perfect shade for your hair, the best way to get perfect skin, the ultimate make-up tricks and the simplest ways to have beautiful hair. 
This is one of the tabs being shown here in detail. So you will see how Dr. Gervaise Gernster will answer your questions ang guide you to soft, stunning skin. So, Get Started.
The next step is where you answer a bunch of simple questions with your name and email-id so as to receive a response. 
As soon as the form is submitted, the client wins a coupon worth rupees hundred. You can also send the coupon to a friend. Same page has options to see tips and tricks for better skin under the title " Skin Care Basics " and information about new products launched by Loreal Paris to get good skin.
The page telling various tips and tricks which you can also recommend to a friend.
Like.Love.Share Beauty Conversation is an open forum where you can submit your experiences, good or bad in Maria's Salon. You can like others experiences, and even reply to them and open the forum for discussions. What Maria's gets out of this concept are suggestions for improvement.
Submit your story. Begin a beauty conversation.
Once you do so, you can read other conversations too and interact with other clients of Maria's.
Reading other conversations and liking, recommending, sharing and replying to them can be done here.
Mirror and Beyond, is a concept made to make the experience between the client and the system while getting the services done. This is an interactive system which will show the client what she will look like after getting the selected service.
This is the flowchart for the interaction of Mirror and Beyond. Bliss is the name of the software which will be installed. This concept will function on the mirror with a touch sensitive sheet put on which when touched exchanges information according to the programming.
Here are the ergonomics involved with placing the icons, the size of the icons wrt. client.
Enter into Maria's and change your world is Maria's Salon philosophy. And the icons you see (from top left) are Facial, Hair treatments, Haircuts, Hair Colouring, Perming and Straightening.
On choosing Facial (for example) you come to the options like Gold, Silver and Fruit facial.
Supposedly, you chose Fruit Facial.
On pressing Before and After from the previous page, the scanning begins.
One can scan again or move ahead to see the before and after image.
And this is the result, where one sees the before and after facial image with the cost and the approximate time it will need. One can go back to the main menu, or the sub-menu, chose another service or chose another type of facial. Or you can press OK, to select the service.
Bliss thanks you for using the service. This page also links to the main menu to chose other services.
Similarly you will briefly see the interaction between other services like Hair Color in this case.
Once the client selects Black, Brown or Red, she is shown the various shades of the selected color.
Another exmaple, Hair cuts. The client is shown a variety of haircuts. 
On choosing a particular haircut, the system after scanning will show how the client will look like with the new haircut.