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SmellFighters Contest
As we all know Swirl is a manufacture of good filters. This machine is based in a air filter entrance that is the first stage of cleaning. It's situated in the right at the top.
This mecanism as a proppeler inside the two columns, that forces the air to inside of the machine neutralizing all the odor, smokes or even humidity of the air.
The Compact Swirls Air Cleaner is a portable device fully automated with sensors that can detect automaticly bad smells and irradicate them from the ambient.
This Machine as a fully automated system that detect when the air is not propper and filters it. Maintaining alway the quality paterns of the air. The Machine as a electronic device that is programable to diferent modes of cleaning.
The Simple presentation is to be a design unobtrussive giving the consumer a good interaction with it.
The logo in the front is a Marketing difusion of the company Brand for having a imediatly contact with the consumer.
The wood finishings gives it a nobel look and a good apearence. The orange was selected cause the colors of the products already in sell of this brand.The attachement files are nine foto renders of older versions.  
THe Technical Solution
This is a Machine that uses proppeler to guide the air trought the filters in the entrance of the machine to the exit, that in the front of colums. This filters can prevent odor and humidity.
The swirl is a company of high standarts of quality associated in the market so this product as programable
setings for diferent ambients of the house.
The size of machine is 200mm height, 700mm length, 100mm depth.
Materials for construction: Wood , polyethylene for the propeller and for the piping inside.High density polyethylene has few branches in the main chain that increases the crystallinity and its resistance. This material is unbreakable, resistant to low temperatures, light and rigid with good chemical resistance. This thermoplastic commercial has great consumption and is easy to find and as a low cost as raw material.
All the High tech in this product is the filters. The main center computer is a powerfull tool that can be prepare for diferent ambient integrations, the sensor in the front can gather arount information about the ambient and automaticly select the program for the diferente situation. The two columns are movable strainers that can be put away from the computer in any part of the room or division of the house. Can be available in diferent finishings and colors. the interface of the computer should be very unobtrusive.
This machine should be life lasting. Some acessories should be created for substitution like the filters. All the Plugins are realy simple. the manual should be very simple with clear pictograms for better understanding. The packaging should have a corporate identity that associates emidiatly the client to the company high standarts of quality.
In Marketing here in portugal we say that this kind of product should be introduced in the market by skimming.
The Marketing around it should be Huge.A video comercial  introducing this portable revolution.

Customer benefit

Clean air all the time cause the programable system guaranties that the air quality is always in is best for us to consume it.
It´s Light weight aproximatly 4 kg. As a handle to easy transportation to any room or division of the house.
As 5 set's prepared by the company in question. The five pre programed stages of cleanlyness of this product are made for diferente ambient.
Quality air the consumed, faster way to clean a room full of cigar smoke.
The filters are washable in the washing machine for further life time of the filter.
People who buy this machine doesnt have to be worried about the smells or the smokes around the house a sensor in the front of the machine detects automaticly the presence of bad smells and determines by it self what kind of programme to use to clean the room or division of the house.
Fiendly enviromental and a sustainable products.
Improves the life inside the house cause most of the diseases are airborn. this equipment can also sterilize the ambient.
This Sistem can be very eficient in energy saving Sustainability is the main issue for this product.
You can take it any were. even bring it to your work place.
The P.S.P ( Price to Sell to the Public) should be of 200 till 300 euros. The price of Production of this machine should be less than the P.S.P.