The primary goal of this campaign was to talk about R.E.I.'s product diversity and entice new markets about the ideal experiences that R.E.I. has to offer them. The secondary goal was to strengthen the bond that already exists between R.E.I.'s loyal, longtime customers. I used quotes from two personalities that have a lot of pull in their respective communities, and the quotes content do a good job of talking directly to the target audience and establishing credibility.

The piece with Audrey Hepburn is aimed at chic females who may have glamour prioritized above being outdoors, and value brand name goods over ones that would serve them better in the long run. Using Hepburn sub consciously grabs their attention, and her own words invite the reader into the world of R.E.I.

The piece with Jim Whittaker tells the story of R.E.I. He was their first full time employee and eventually became the CEO in the 1960's. He was also a leader, and an icon in the mountain climbing, and backpacking community that R.E.I. was born out of. This ad is targeted at younger, thrill seeking males, and his quote suits that well.