NEW t-shirts for my comic book "MEAT & POTATOES"
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    I'm getting t-shirts printed for my comedy "ZOMBIE" comic book, "MEAT & POTATOES". Showing the design, and where they will be available.
I just sent these beauties off to my printer. Once I can get photos, and get them for sale on the website, then you can have one yourself. The very, EXACT t-shirts Vince and I wear in the comic book "MEAT & POTATOES". Vince loves octopus(DUH!), and I'm sure he'll sell a ton of his, mine is a little more cryptic, unless you're a good friend of mine, you probably won't get it, and that's just fine by me.
If you're my best friend, like Vince, then you get to wear the first ever t-shirt off the press to promote the comic book before anyone ever gets their grimy, grubby little hands on them.(perks of being my best friend) The shirts will be the same colors you see below, "GREEN" for my shirt, and "GREY" for Vince's.
If you'd like to support "MEAT & POTATOES", I'm trying to raise money for the printing of the 1st issue, and for the website. You can become a "PATRON" on "PATREON", and give a one time gift, $1, $5, whatever you pray or feel you'd like to give. Here's how you can do just that: