3-Dimensional Shadowboxes
A construction of depth and space from my reality.
My3-D Shadowbox series is an on going series exploring and expanding the realms of photography beyond the 2-dimensional plane. As a photographer, I wonder why I must be confined to a specific and rather limiting surface and question why I can not recreate my world to hold depth and space like the world I live in. I believe that as an artist I should not be confined to the 2-dimensional flat surface that most imagery lives on. My 3-D shadowboxes are to create a viewing experience in which the viewer moves within their current space while experiencing various degrees of depth and illusion within my constructed reality.

Note: The images submitted for viewing are photographs of constructed shadowboxes made to be viewed by moving side to side or up and down. The images submitted for viewing are one aspect of the shadowbox.

© Vicky Moon
This is a basic overall view of the construction of my 3-D boxes. 
"Art Center Sleeper"

Consists of one image with multiple layering to reinforce depth and space.
"White on Purple"

Consists of one image with multiple layers and reconstructed with the use of strips to reinforce depth and space.
"At First Glance"

The image consists of 2 images, layered and stacked upon one another. 
The image on the left is what appears to be seen when initially viewed, however when the viewer moves up and down within their current viewing space, the image on the left, which holds a different perspective can be seen. 
"Late Night Journey"

This image consists of 3 different images, layered and reconstructed into strips. The image holds all three different moments in time which can be viewed all at once by the viewer or certain moments may be focused on within the scene.


This image consists of one image, layered multiple times. Within the actual image, the different elements (the power lines, smog and clouds) all rest on the same viewing plane. However, with my deconstruction and rearranging of the elements upon different layers, a sense of greater depth and space can be observed.