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    Medical Bed Accessories
Medical bed accessories
Developed for Howard Wright Limited 2008 - 2011
Intravenous pole
The IV Pole is an elegant, simple solution for hanging fluid bags and clamping fluid pumps in the medical environment. The pole can be removed from the bed accessory socket when not in use and stored easily. The Howard Wright blue is used on the release collet to guide the user to the release function.
Surgical Arm-board
The Surgical Arm-board was designed to support the arm and hand securely while the patient lies on the medical stretcher. Clinicians can simply and quickly attached the board to the bed with one lever adjusting the angle and height of the Arm-board in one tap motion. The board is made from a easy to clean, robust radio-translucent material to enable X-raying.
Oxygen bottle carriers
A series of oxygen bottle carriers designed for hygiene and durability. The stainless steel carriers can pivot in the corner sockets of the bed, giving nurses easy access to the oxygen.