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    A set of gear for triathlons
Triathlon Gear
Swim. Bike. Run. No Breaks

This project deals with keeping a product family identity through a series of individual objects.
Pattern exploration
The running shoe was built off the concept that it should be set and tightened to the runners preference before they put them on within the race. The runner should arrive to them after the swim and slip them on quickly. The inner flexible strap will then hug tightly around the back heel. ( functions explained below ). The yellow strap that runs towards the sole of the foot is there to add some grip to the mid section of the foot keeping the running on the front of their feet.

both the running shoe and the biking shoe were meant to have a similar aesthetic so that they hold a family identity.
Cycling Shoe PX1
Cycling Shoe PXR
The graphics and breakups were inspired by arm user gun placement on the body. The Graphics were kept minimum because we found that often times graphics from logos and sponsors clutter up a uniform unless well controlled. We decided that it was best to keep the suit individualization allowing the required logos to be easily manipulated to balance the visual break ups on the suit. It was also important not to overstate and represent the inspiration onto the suit so that it is not over obvious on first sight.
The interior design direction of the backpack is explained above, the exterior concept was basic in that it visually not radical in design, the unique aspect that it does carry is that although it is hard shell it still has elastic bands on the outside much like camping backpacks, it gives it an balanced look between something trendy and functional and it also ties its look back to the shoes more.
This project was carried out during my experience with the industrial design consultancy Plex Studio in Costa Rica www.plexstudio.com

Plex Studio and this design project is in no way truly affiliated with NIKE inc.

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