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    I always enjoy designing icons. I plan on updating this post as time goes on in hopes to show how I've progressed over time.
I always enjoy designing icons whenever I get a chance to. Many of the icons below were projects done while I worked at Riggs Partners in Columbia, SC. I plan on updating these as time goes on. I will also explain each section as there will be noticeable breaks. 

Hope you enjoy.
Field Day

Worked on some icons for an employee field day. Wanted to evoke summer fun and I think that was accomplished with the types of icons below. 
HR Recruiting Tool

We were asked to design an online recruiting tool for prospective applicants considering UT. Towards the end, I wanted to design a few icons to help illustrate some of the content that was given.
Graduation Party Icons

One of my co-workers from Riggs Partners asked me to design a graduation party invite for her and her boyfriend. We decided to go the icon route for this one. The medical icons were for him, while the social media icons were for her.
Economy Icons

I designed these for a post that was to going up on our blog over at Riggs Partners. The idea was to show the different economies over time. From left to right; The Agrarian Economy, the Industrial Economy, the Service Economy, and the Creative Economy.
Palmetto GBA Icons

While working at Riggs, I was asked to help design some icons for a booklet that Palmetto GBA was going to use for various things.

Art Director: Ryon Edwards
Designer: Marcus Williamson
Unused Icons

I was asked to design some icons for a project that I can't remember what it was for haha. But here they are. I really enjoyed drawing all these out and then designing them.

Art Director: Kevin Archie
Designer: Marcus Williamson
McCrory Website Icons

I was asked to design some icons for the McCrory website. They were used for each button to highlight a different area of the website.

Art Director: Ryon Edwards
Designer: Marcus Williamson
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