Next Generation Telematic System
The Artificial Intelligence System
This Artificial Intelligence System integrates with sensors that allows users to customize according to their preference, including the interior environment, navigation, entertainment system. It helps user to reduce the complexity of driving and it is convenient for multi-users who share with the same car.  
Interview Summary & Needs
Who is socializer?
Likesto play on a team, persuade,
Promoteand share ideas, causes, etc.
Enjoysentertaining others.
Optimisticand outgoing through a vibrant flow of conversation.
Prefertalking to action.
Enjoytalking with others.
Lackof attention to details

Tendencies of the "Socializer":
CONTACTwith others is their favorite activity.
Enthusiasticand entertaining and wants others to like them.
Lovesfreedom of expression & being the life of the party.
Verypersuasive when talking.
Grouporiented, is stimulating and loves to be stimulated.

User Interface design