Verizon & The X Factor

The Assignment:
After striking a deal with Fox’s X-Factor to become the official mobile vote carrier, Verizon approached us to help make mobile video usage on Verizon’s 4GLTE network as commonplace as texting.
In a connected world, you share what you love via live video.
Idea: The Verizon 4G LTE Fan Factor
Partnering with the X-Factor, we developed a video voting and fan reaction platform prototype that gives the viewer an active voice during the show.  The iPad and Apple TV platforms demonstrates the benefits of Verizon’s 4GLTE instantaneous speed with features like Fan Reaction Cam, tweet to vote, Fan Barometer, The Contestant eXchange which allows you to predict the results, the ‘Verizon view’ backstage and the Instant Rewind: Reaction Gallery.