The Independent

Final Year

  The Challenge

'We would like to engage with a younger audience, specifically students, to make i the most read newspaper amongst the student market, as well as significantly raising our circulation. in addition, we want to build a student community and have in-depth engagement/interaction with this market'

The Solution

The importance of social media within the student lifestyle is undeniable. Particularly during Freshers' Week, it is how students interact, find out about social events, join clubs/societies and make friends. It became apparent to me that the marriage of both the importance of social media and Freshers' Week could really provide this campaign with solid foundations.

Further research pushed me towards the direction of utilising QR codes as a way of getting students to interact with 'i' as my main aim was to really integrate the purchase of 'i' into their daily routine. This linked with the development of a loyalty points scheme would ensure repeat purchases of the newspaper.

Lanyards will be handed out for free at Freshers' Fair, and upon scanning the QR code, the 'i' Events app would be downloaded to the students smartphone.

The 'i' Events app would be the go-to place for students to find out what's going on at the University in terms of social events. So the app is incredibly useful during Freshers' Week and is guaranteed to be used.

Adding various events to 'My Events' will add you to the attendees and allow you to post comments on the event's wall. You can also use the app to purchase tickets.

The app also has a built-in QR code scanner for use in conjunction with the loyalty points scheme.

The idea behind the points scheme is that every time you purchase a copy of 'i', a coffee or food in the canteen, or attend a University social event - you earn 'i' Points.

Simply using the app the scan the QR code will add the predetermined amount of points to your account.

Purchasing a coffee not only has benefits in terms of 'i' Points, but it will also download popular news stories straight to your smartphone so you can catch up on the latest news, directly from The Independent website. The news stories are split into categories such as entertainment, sport and global news.

Purchasing a copy of 'i' will give you guaranteed points to add to your total, but the paper can sometimes include bonus 'i' Points of any value up to 100.

The idea also extends out onto the University campus, as dotted around the buildings will be several 'i' QR code logos that are worth more points to add to your total.

To redeem your points, just purchase 'i' on a Friday and scan in the relevant QR code for whichever offer you want to redeem your points against.

The offers available will be relevant to the student market and would ensure high levels of interest from the student community.

All of these elements will ensure repeat sales of 'i' and allow it to become the most read newspaper among students due to it's unique social uses and highly rewarding loyalty points scheme.