• Growing up with a father working at Kodak and having a love for film, it made sense to base Finn O'Hara's wordmark and letterforms on the “Rule of Thirds”, the most basic principle in photography.

    One of the key pieces was his business card, his first personal connection with clients. We worked with NYC based print broker Sarah Rieglemann to ensure the best quality and showcase his love of craft and confidence.

    Traditionally photographers send out a printed mailer, however, a lot of these end up in the trash and don’t justify their cost. We took the idea of a mailer a step further and put his portfolio on a set of iPads. We then developed a custom case that could be sent to potential clients containing instructions to be returned via messenger.

    Armed with a new visual identity Finn is able to approach new types of projects that go beyond that of a photographer. His capabilities and ambitions match that of his brand.