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    Pieces showcased in a collaborative jewellery exhibition exploring modern fabrication techniques.
Far Fetched (2014) was a collaboration between Laura Strange and Sarah Huston exploring the use of modern fabrication techniques in accessories design. Through the exhibition, the designers fused these techniques with their unique design style to create one-off objects inspired by form and geometry.

The exhibition took place at St. Thomas Studio on the Gold coast and was a visual feast, featuring works that combined techniques such as 3D printing in precious metals and plastics, and laser cutting in acrylics and wood. The works explored  how these fabrication techniques can be used in unison and also combined with traditional making techniques.

The exhibition featured a keynote piece, a pair of one-off sunglasses designed by the artists, in collaboration with Fritz Frames. The unique glasses integrated traditional making techniques, with 3D printed temple details and a super couture design.

Through photography, prints and prototypes, the exhibition was a vibrant documentation of the processes involved in creating works via modern fabrication techniques, and the first of its kind in Queensland.
Constellation (2014) 3D printed sterling silver bangle
Lyra (2014) Laser cut acrylic bag with cotton twill lining
Tycho (2014) 3D printed sterling silver ring, laser cut acrylic and bamboo
The Summer Triangle (2014) Acrylic necklace with glass and cotton chord
The Summer Triangle (2014) Acrylic necklace with glass and cotton chord
Anti-gravity (2014) Laser cut acrylic necklace with brass
Void (2014) 3D printed nylon plastic and sterling silver pendant with brass
Cortex (2014 ) 3D printed brass and sterling silver interchangeable ring
Astraphobia (2014) Laser cut acrylic necklace with sterling silver