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    acrylic paint mixed with cotton lace and fibers, on birch ply
new work, Autumn 2016.
acrylic mixed with chopped cotton lace and various fibers, 
on birch ply. very thick and textured, quite active live.
ptg_117  42 x 28cm
ptg_118  42 x 28cm
ptg_119  42 x 28cm
ptg_120 42 x 28cm
ptg_121 42 x 28cm
ptg_122 42 x 28cm
ptg_123 42 x 28cm
ptg_124 42 x 28cm
ptg_125  37 x 25cm
ptg_126  37 x 25cm
ptg_127  37 x 25cm
ptg_128  37 x 25cm
ptg_129  37 x 25cm
ptg_130 37 x 25cm
ptg_131 37 x 25cm
ptg_132   37 x 19cm
ptg_133  37 x 19cm