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    Design update of filter bottle for Brita for re-release to US market. Design internship work.
Brita Filter Bottle
Redesign of Water Filtration Bottle by Brita
This project was completed during an ID internship with Clorox/Brita. I assisted senior designers in generating preliminary design concepts, 3D modeling and prototyping, CFM selection, and consumer testing of the product. The bottle was already an existing product for Brita, with a somewhat dated design. It was mostly sold abroad; and Brita was seeking to update the design for the North American market. Existing OEM parts were to be utilized for the filter and lid assembly, so the scope of redesign was bottle itself and the addition of a minimal carrying affordance.

The final design was granted a US Design Patent in 2011.
Brita Filtration Bottle - CAD render for final concept - patented design
Brita Filtration Bottle
2-pack for US Retail Market