VEVO CERTIFIED award for 100M VEVO music Video Views
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    The VEVO CERTIFIED Award was hand-sculpted by Matt Ramieri, Head Artist and President of Inspired Bronze. The piece was molded, cast in silicon b… Read More
    The VEVO CERTIFIED Award was hand-sculpted by Matt Ramieri, Head Artist and President of Inspired Bronze. The piece was molded, cast in silicon bronze and is finished with nickel plating. Read Less
Inspired Bronze Creates One-Of-A-Kind Artwork for VEVO Music Video Awards
 The relationship between artists and their fans is deeply passionate, and VEVO’S CERTIFIED program celebrates that passion. An elite group of artists – superstars all – have made music videos that have surpassed 100 million views on VEVO. Their fans are the drivers behind this achievement, wholeheartedly bringing the music into their daily lives. CERTIFIED honors such dedication while spotlighting the creativity that led to these tremendous milestones.

Exclusive interviews with both artists and their fans are at the center of CERTIFIED. Each series takes viewers behind the scenes of the videos, with the artists discussing the making of the clip and explaining how it impacted their careers. Additional profiles find paying tribute to the video and explaining how it personally impacted them. Each series will also feature one Ultimate Fan - recruited by VEVO via Facebook and Twitter - presenting the VEVO CERTIFIED statue to his/her favorite artist.
VEVO’s video view counts represent the only official metric across the digital landscape, including online and mobile views as well as those of syndication partner sites like AOL, Facebook, Yahoo! Music, and YouTube. Videos that have been “CERTIFIED” by VEVO have achieved a similar milestone to that of a Gold and Platinum album.

VEVO’s CERTIFIED statue signifies the visceral essence of music with a chiseled base and outstretched hand shaping a “V,” the universal music fan sign of approval. Its base is adorned with the Official VEVO CERTIFIED Seal on both sides, the VEVO logo on the back, and the artist’s accreditation on the front.
Katy Perry is one of those rare artists who creates brilliant pop songs that encourage self-empowerment and dole out humor. A helpful big sister with a grin on her face and a larger-than-life charisma, she has quickly established herself as one of the best-selling artists of all time. From the 2010 arrival of Teenage Dream to the recent debut of its Complete Confection update, innumerable "Katy Cats" have shown their love for the singer by taking an unbounded leap into her world: Perry’s most-watched video to date, "Firework," has been viewed over 245 million times. Her other triumphs, like "E.T." and "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” claim well over 170 million views apiece. Perhaps these victories are built on a simple fact: even though she’s a superstar, Perry attracts audiences by coming on like a BFF, someone you want to hang with. That’s especially true for "Last Friday Night," which showcases the singer’s goofy side by introducing her impossibly nerdy alter-ego, Kathy Beth Terry, and features kitschy cameos by Corey Feldman, Deborah Gibson, and Rebecca Black. Call it a girl-power anthem with a love-me-warts-and-all message. From the silly string battle in the living room to the duct-taped dude in the bedroom, Katy explains how this classic video shoot unfolded (and several other career secrets) in our exclusive CERTIFIED interviews. No doubt, she inhabits a slightly twisted fairytale land. But we would give almost anything to live there with her.
It’s been a thrill to watch Justin Bieber grow up in public. Ever since 2009’s My World brought him to the charts, an enticing blend of looks, style, charisma, as well as a wealth of vocal and dancing skills, has defined the Bieber equation. It didn’t take long before the whole planet fell under his sway. "Baby," JB’s biggest hit, one of his eight CERTIFIED videos, has been viewed almost 750 million times, making it the most viewed video in the history of VEVO as of June 2012. His constantly-growing audience of “Beliebers” are some of the most dedicated and vocal fans in the pop music universe, and they’ve been thrilled to see his talent develop and stature rise over the past few years. Justin fills us in on the strong relationship he has with his fans (and reveals his favorite music video ever) in one of our exclusive CERTIFIED interviews. As it turns out, Usher's one-time protégé is a guy who makes major strides with each new move. JB’s latest turn is perhaps the most rewarding to observe. The steamy “Boyfriend” video recently proved the now 18-year-old is a man to be reckoned with. Don’t blink – inevitably it, too, will be part of the CERTIFIED family.