Defining The Challenge

CartoMD was launched to help strategy executives at hospitals and retail health clinic locations evaluate a new or existing location’s performance potential. The platform enables the leadership at large healthcare institutions to make better decisions regarding resource allocation and future expansion. Traditionally, revenue potential has been assessed through expensive paper reports compiled by real estate and healthcare research organizations. CartoMD revolutionizes this delivery experience by providing performance evaluations and actionable recommendations via aesthetically pleasing dynamic digital reports. I served as the product manager and UX designer on this project, helping the client transition from prototype to a market-ready product. 
Gathering Information

When I came on board for this project, the client had already built a prototype backend to calculate performance metrics for thousands of US healthcare locations. There was also a simple prototype dashboard to present these calculations and visualize them on a map. I worked with the existing product manager and the client’s remote developers to generate requirements to take Carto from prototype to release ready product. 
My crudely drawn sketches and PowerPoint scratch work, which laid the foundation for a project plan and was used to communicate requirements to the designers and devs. 
Laying Out The Plan

The primary feature set included a landing page, account gateway, and report interaction scheme. We also designed an administrative report generation backend to quickly create the reports that users could purchase. Simultaneously, I worked with a branding expert to create a strong identity for the product.
This incredible identity was designed by the masterful Kevin Kurtovich ( Seriously, this guy is a genius. 

Working with the designers and developers, I crafted the UX and spearheaded the UI design for Carto. I worked with the appropriate resources each step of the way from wireframes to final live-site. The project was managed using Trello and Slack.
Overview of process from wireframe to mockup to live site. Wireframes and mockups were created by the client's awesome designer (Vlad), and the live site was coded by the client's talented development team (huge thanks to Svetlana!).
Admin dashboard to manage reports, data, and users.
Final Thoughts

In the span of 5 months, I worked with a very talented team to build and deploy a platform which delivered a well-designed and interactive report to customers. Due to the sensitive nature of healthcare data, the client is currently using a local installation of the platform to generate reports as part of a consulting model.