Popsicle illustrating environmental issues.

Photographer Simon Duhamel and Creative Director Jean-Daniel Petit had long sought to work on a creative project together. 

 The project was born from a desire to cooperate in creating a series of advertising images without specific constraints or compromises. Jean-Daniel had reflected on a series of keywords as the basic ideas to be bounced around. "Popsicle Funky" definitely showed the most creative potential. We met at the local tavern and developed whole the concept of the shoot in one evening! -Simon

The popsicle is easily associated with childhood memories. We aimed at triggering a reflection by contrasting sweet youth happiness and harsh environmental realities, and juxtaposing all the children's reactions. The project was taken on as if it were as a true advertising campaign. A full team of craftsmen worked for the simple desire to create strong images of sense. 

It is easy to imagine this series of images endorsed by major agencies against climate change.

Credits :

Original idea: Jean-Daniel Petit
Concept: Daniel Petit Jean and Simon Duhamel
Production: Eliane Sauvé - Consulat
Art Direction: Jean-Daniel Petit
Photography: Simon Duhamel
Styling: Chanelle Riopel, 
Makeup: Evangelia Pavlakos
Children retouching: Penelope St-Cyr Robitaille
Retouching, CGI and popsicle Integration: Studio Element